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Roses from Maple Avenue Flowers in Warsaw, IN always make an impression. You can express yourself  in a variety of ways from the simple rose bud vase, to an extravagant three dozen. Browse our rose pictures to find the best arrangement of roses for you.  Behind every rose is a wonderful story of friendship, love or romance!


We usually have many rose colors to choose from.  If your choice is unavailable, the default color will be red.  

Rose  in Warsaw, IN | Maple Avenue Flowers
“There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence”….Emerson
4 RED ROSES $34.95
6 RED ROSES $49.95
12 RED ROSES $79.95
2 DOZEN ROSES $175.00
ROSES-3 DOZEN $250.00
CUBE-12 RED ROSES $79.95
6 MIXED ROSES $49.95
12 MIXED ROSES $79.95
MELODY $59.95
6 PINK ROSES $49.95
12 PINK ROSES $79.95
6 WHITE ROSES $49.95
12 WHITE ROSES $79.95
12 YELLOW ROSES $79.95
Guard Petals  in Warsaw, IN | Maple Avenue Flowers
Guard Petals
Protective guard petals are NOT a sign of old or damaged roses. The guard petals are the roses own way of protecting its inner flower. Clever, right? The guard petals are left on during shipping to protect the rose. —— Our designers make every effort to remove the guard petals from your rose arrangement before delivery. If there are still guard petals we have missed, just gently peel away the petal from the rose.——— The guard petals are easy to spot and can easily be mistaken for dying petals. It is important to remember that the guard petals are NOT a reflection of the quality of the roses.
Substitutions!  in Warsaw, IN | Maple Avenue Flowers
Our flower selection is constantly changing, so flowers are subject to availability. Keep in mind you will NOT be receiving an exact duplication of the arrangement pictured on the website. What you WILL receive is a beautifully created floral design in the style, color palette and value that you have chosen. *****IMPORTANT INFO: Keep in mind that flowers are challenging to photograph, because how it looks in real life is never what it looks like in the photo. In photos you do not see the sides or back of the arrangement, so it appears to only be front facing. Most of our arrangements are made all around . They are designed to be visually enjoyed from all sides. We will tell you if any of our designs are front facing in the individual descriptions. ________________ Some flowers, such as lilies, will be delivered in bud stage to maximize the shelf life of the arrangement. Stem count, flowers or containers may vary from the photo.
Delivery Policy  in Warsaw, IN | Maple Avenue Flowers
Delivery Policy
1. If no one is home, or just doesn’t answer the door—we will tag the door asking them to call us. When they call, we will arrange another delivery or they can pick up their flowers at the shop. We will also attempt to give them a call at the number provided, but we often find that no one answers and their “voice mailbox is full” so we are not able to leave a message. Since we have fulfilled our obligation to deliver on the day requested, please do not blame us if the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery or does not call us back. ——-2. It is up to the driver’s discretion to leave the flowers at the front door, which will be evaluated by weather, temperature and overall safety. ———-3. At factories, offices or hospital , we can only leave flowers at the front desk. 4. We do not take timed deliveries.